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Elsinore City Center benefited from the many who visited the centre in order to see Benny Schumann's Mini Circus. Photo: Hannu Salmi Many European circus friends know Circus Finlandia by name but have never visited them. This year, with among others the Danish illusionist Kim Kenneth and his partner Jessica Caveagna in the program. Then she came to Stofa as event and sponsorship manager and met in this connection in the fall of 2010 the circus queen Diana Benneweis when Stofa bought a number of Benneweis performances. The Danish circus audience remembers Eddy Carellos great juggler entrée from Circus Dannebrog 20It was during those seasons that Eddy met Josephine, who is the daughter of elephant trainer Bernhard Kasselovsky. The magic entertainer, real name jean-LUC betron, features a pleasant magic show which is lively, hilarious, humourous and presented with a tongue-in-cheek attitude and it is obvious that jean-LUC betron is an accomplished actor and mime as well. Photos by courtesy Theatre Bo, Paris The mixture of magic and crazy humour the contrast between david deciron, being the elegant entertainer and mikael taieb, being his comic partner, together with strong mimicry and stage presence, is most effective and has a strong impact.

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Cirkus Benneweis closed the season on 15 September at Bellahoj in Copenhagen. By courtesy of Théâtre du Rond-Point Alain Bernardin was inspired by all this and created in Paris cabaret crazy horse, which functions even today, but now without the four speciality acts, often magic ones, that were programmed in between. But he did not have the opportunity to show all of his artistic skills. Circus Scott will close the season on 29 September. Then Martino was back, first doing a rope trick and then assisted by a boy from the audience the trick with the floating table which the boy is sitting. Jacki Steckel The four siblings did also their own acts,.g. This year's show lives 100 up to this ambition. As the last of the 3 large Danish circuses now also Circus Benneweis has released information about the program in the upcoming season.

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persian dating site uk imatra A super-elegant illusions-show, featuring mysteries, humour, a festive atmosphere and a marvellous stage-setting including beautiful chorus girls who take an important part in the illusions. The 2-3 Indian elephants, which in recent years has appeared in Norwegian circus, interest evidently animal rights people far more than the larger number gallop and trotting horses and the much larger number of farm animals.

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