Tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales

tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales

to your sessions it is possible to engage in other activities in and around the community, for example sauna, swimming, forest walks, music by the fire, community food circles, etc. Some have chosen to stay in Denmark and are now a part of our team. Tantra massage had suddenly become in and we began to also receive more and more female guests, and after a beginning with mostly men being interested in a tantra massage, now our guests are approximately 50/50 men and women. In reality tantra is genuinely flourishing in the former Communist countries, while at the same time often being misunderstood by societies characterized by religious and political dogma. Basic price: 800, extra sessions: 100/hour. But already from day 1 there was such a big interest that we were actually flooded with calls. We realized what an efficient way it is to transmit something which words can not entirely cover. We felt that our experiences with consciousness, energy and love were so essential that we could not just keep it to ourselves we had to find a way to transmit.


Tantra Explorations.

Tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales - Hierontaa

Sexwork turku eläinseksiä We believe that there is a great need for this, in tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales a world characterized by alienation from our body and soul, where we prefer to present an image of ourselves instead of being who we truly are. All the senses are pampered during this wonderful experience. Before we opened our first Temple we didnt know whether there would be any interest in tantra massage in Denmark. There is but one temple in the Universe, and that is the human body.
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Tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales We believe that by knowing ourselves and exploring what is inside of us, we will also make the world a much better place to live. Most of our masseurs are also highly educated from other areas of life and we have among our team doctors, nurses, engineers, ballet dancers, yoga teachers, musicians, ex military men, agronomists and social workers. Our location, we have given our best to decorate our temples according to the Tantric knowledge regarding colours and how to create a sensual and beautiful ambience, and you will find that our temples are like a beautiful and peaceful oasis, where you can leave the. In other words, we only employ masseurs in the Tantra Temple who are dedicated to living a Tantric life.
Hieronta pitäjänmäki alastonsuomii The Tantra Temple is an association of people dedicated to making the Tantric wisdom available for everyone who is ready for. History, the Tantra Temple began in 2006 in a tiny apartment in Christianshavn.
tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales

Helsinki ): Tantra hieronta helsinki beautiful shemales

To a large degree we owe the fact that tantra massage is now more commonly accepted to the Danish women, and also that it is now seen as a genuine path of self development, life wisdom, and erotic and spiritual freedom. In the past 10 years we have educated more than 100 masseurs from for instance Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, Argentina, Hungary, the Czech Republic, England, Romania, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Denmark. Petra Kaya will be your guiding Goddess on this journey towards your own inner essence. The Tantric Massage is done in an exquisitely beautiful atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and safe. So we knew that it would take quite some work to make tantra commonly accepted. Therefore many Tantrics are moving to for instance Denmark, which is one of the pornotähti mariah miniristeily turku tukholma countries most open to alternative ways of life. We have participated in several TV programs over the years. The following year we opened temples in Aarhus and Odense, in this way being within reach from most of Denmark. We were among the co-founders of the Tantrafestival, which has become a very popular and regular event in Denmark, and aside from yearly festivals in Copenhagen and Aarhus, the concept has spread to Malmö, London, Prague, Budapest, Helsinki and other European cities. Some of these people have later gone back to their home countries to start a Tantra Temple, inspired by the Danish model. Our massage awakens sensitivity in the whole body, making both men and women to experience high levels of well-being. The rumour was spreading quickly and our guests were sending their friends and family to the Tantra Temple. And yet another year after that we opened a temple in Reykjavik, Iceland. Our masseurs are also normal people that you can talk with and ask for advice they all have a rich life experience and know how to guide you further on your path and how to overcome the challenges of life. By the use of the awaken energies. Booking and more information. Included in the price is accommodation and food, 6 hours of sessions with Petra Kaya (ceremonies, shamanic work, tantra massage meditations, interactive, tantric Play ). It is not all of us that speak Danish, so if you want to be sure to meet a Danish-speaking masseur, you should specify this when you make a booking. We were a group of friends who had been practicing and teaching Tantra for a number of years and experienced profound transformation in our lives. Knowledge and experience, mind and body always go hand in hand in tantra. Everyone has to complete our internal education and will be in apprenticeship for up to 2 years depending on prior knowledge and skills. The Tantric Massage makes it possible to open totally to the states of relaxation and happiness and to expand and refine our state of consciousness. Booking and price, this retreat is a rare opportunity to go to a much deeper space than what is possible during a typical tantra massage session. We have Tantra Temples in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Reykjavik. We were already teaching this, and you can read about it in books about tantra, but understanding and being able to apply in your own life is most often a different story. In this way we succeeded in balancing theory with direct experience. We touch heaven when we lay our hands.

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