The greatness of Samaria

Iron doors Samaria GorgeThe crossing of the "Gorge offers a unique and fascinating experience. In Crete there are plenty of diamonds a finite natural beauty and a kind of remarkable is the gorges.
The Samaria Gorge, "the gorge, but it is one and only. The Passage of the "Gorge is a unique and fascinating experience. The hiker is confronted with nature and wild beauty.
Rewarded for the hard hiking in rough ground with steep primitive and an imposing sight, a beautiful landscape without human intervention, a unique sense of awe and admiration for infinite the greatness that faces intact.
The National Park of the White Mountains Crete, known as the Samaria Gorge, founded in 1962 to the protection and preservation of scientific and cultural value of region. For these reasons recognized by the Council of Europe as one of the most wild, unspoiled and unique scientifically terms of natural parks in the world!
The reputation of this magnificent place starting from ancient times. The stunning natural beauty was known and admired by the ancient Minoan times.

National Park since 1962

Samaria gorge - National Park since 1962
Omalos Samaria gorge xyloskalo
After 30 minutes of descent found the source Neroutsos. Leaving behind the source and along the downhill path, we reach after 45 minutes in the chapel of St. Nicholas. In 60 minutes the Agios Nikolas appears ahead, the ruined village of Samaria, located approximately in the middle of the path.
Here you will find the wayfarer a small station that is equipped with telephone and first Emergency aid and toilets with running water. Here also can rent whoever wants a mule for the remainder of the journey. The gorge was abandoned in 1962 when the Greek government declared the area of the canyon national park.
The Most of the Samariotes moved to St. Roumeli and elsewhere. Now, most houses are in ruins. Only churches Ossia Mary, Christ and St. George fighting the erosion of the time.
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Omalos, Xyloskalo - beginning of Samaria gorge
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